Ok, hot take; peanut butter sucks. I mean, cmon, it smells horrible, and has a terrible texture. Sure, it tastes good in Snickers and Twix bars, but its TERRIBLE when put on bread. Oh, and the smell gag, I would rather smell a meteor than peanut butter. Something I would actually like to smell, however; is the gasoline smell from a V-8 engine from a Mercedes Benz M113. Seriously, why do us men love the smell of gasoline? Is it because it smells powerful, or is it because women hate the smell of gasoline? Either way, I still love the smell of gasoline. I also think that gas stations are one of the best places on earth. They have everything, everywhere, all at once, 24/7. Gas stations also have THE BEST hotdogs ever. Better than BBQ restaurants. Just, something about those gas station hotdogs feel very premium. Speaking of BBQ, is it morally correct to grill meatballs on the grill? It, should be ok? Like, BBQ is ment for hotdogs, burgers, chicken, corn and salmon. It feels wrong to BBQ meatballs. It's weird how IKEA sells meatballs, like where do they get them from? The people who were lost during closing hours? Crazy.
Speaking of, why are you reading this? Why torture yourself with this nonsense? WHY ARE YOU CONTINUING?

You know what, I can't blame you. Crackheads are one of the best comedians.. Not implying i am a crackhead tho, but I surely feel like one.
You know who else are crackheads? people who EAT PEANUT BU-


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